3 Online Degrees for Creative People


If you’ve been looking to go back to school, or even just to advance your career, chances are people have been pushing you toward STEM online degree programs. There’s good reason for that, as many STEM fields are rapidly expanding and pay can be very good. However, not everyone is cut out to work in a STEM field, no matter how hard they may try. If you’re a free spirit, or have ever been referred to as a “creative type” person, you may be looking for a different sort of career path.

Creative people tend to need some variation in their work, and while that’s something that can certainly be found in STEM fields, the limits and boundaries of most STEM occupations may stifle some creative minds. We’ve got a list of degrees well suited to creative people. They all have online degree options, whether associate’s degrees or bachelor’s degrees, and lead to work in fields which mesh well innovative personalities.


While teaching may not be the first path you think of for a creative person, it can actually be a very good fit. Depending on your interests and passions, you have the opportunity to specialize if you’re a secondary school teacher. Elementary school teachers have a lot of variation in their workloads as well, with the opportunity to shape their classrooms as they wish, even though there are curriculums to adhere to. If you consider yourself to be a creative person, it may be worth considering a career in education. Try to picture yourself in different teaching environments. Does any of it interest you?

The good thing about teaching is that while the pay may not be the highest, the benefits, job security, and time off help make up for it. High school teachers in the U.S. have average pay of $60,320/year. There are many online degree options, so if you’re interested in a bachelor’s in education, there’s no time like the present to launch a new career.

Public Relations – Communications

You may not immediately think of public relations as a creative field, but you would be wrong. While it also helps to be a good with people, a creative way of looking at the world can make you a great public relations specialist. In this field, you’ll help brands, companies, and personalities to present themselves in the best, most engaging way. There are several online bachelor’s degrees available in communications with specialties in public relations, so there’s nothing holding you back from launching into this career if it appeals to your creative side. Salaries aren’t bad either, with public relations specialists making $60,000/year and managers making $114,800/year.

Social Work

If you’re a creative type with a desire to help others or work for the public good, maybe social work is the job for you. Working with people to solve problems is the bread and butter of the social worker’s career. When you embark on a social work career, you can choose to focus on particular areas whether government, healthcare, or non-profit sector related. Social workers make $49,470/year on average.