4 Signs Your Boss Approves of You


Why is it so hard to tell if your boss likes you or not? You try to be a good employee. You arrive early, you stay late. You volunteer to buy the cards for coworkers’ birthdays and retirement parties. You’re a team player! So why is it so hard to tell if your boss appreciates your efforts?

Naturally you don’t want to be the office suck up, so you don’t want to go overboard. Still, it would be nice to be able to read your boss’s signals and know if you’re doing things right or if you need to try harder (or maybe try a little less hard). You just want to feel like your boss thinks you’ve been doing a good job.

If you’ve been doing everything right at work, but you’re still not sure your boss thinks you’re great or meh, we’ve got a few tips to help you determine what her real opinion of you is so you can stop second guessing yourself.

Four signs your boss approves of you:

1 – She looks at you

If your boss makes eye contact with you during meetings, or looks your way when a client asks a question, it’s a good sign that she values your input and opinion. It’s important not to try to force eye contact, or read too much into any single look, but if your boss occasionally looks to you when she’s in a need of an answer, it really is a very good job that you’re one of the employees she trusts to do good work.

2 – She sends coworkers to you

Do you constantly find a line of coworkers outside your cubicle that your boss has sent to you for answers or advice? That’s another big clue that your boss approves of the work you’re doing. Employers often put you into mentor or teaching roles when they would like other employees to be more like you, or do things more the way you do. If you’re being asked to lead education or how-to seminars, that’s another great sign that you’re doing everything exactly the way your boss wants. So, yes, you should absolutely take each and every inquisitive coworker your boss sends your way as a sign that you’re doing a very good job.

3 – She discusses new proposals or policies with you

Has your boss ever pulled you into her office to talk about a new office policy she plans to implement, or to get your opinion on a report or proposal for a client? If she wants your opinion on matters like these, it means that she very much values your opinion. We rarely seek input from those we don’t! So take it as a sign that you’re someone who knows their stuff the next time your boss asks you about something before your coworkers.

4 – She brings you to meetings

If your boss has started bringing you along to meetings with higher ups, or to client meetings, that’s a very good sign that you’re on your way to advancing up the corporate ladder. Bringing you deeper into company dealings means that your boss trusts you and she wants to let other people know that you’re someone she has her eye on for advancement or promotion. So if you suddenly find yourself with a lot more meetings on your schedule, take it as a sign that you’re doing things right!