Do You Know Your Rising Sign?


For those who check their horoscope every morning, it can give a sense of guidance and calm to know they have an idea of how to approach their day. Most people check their horoscope by looking at the reading for their sun sign. When people ask what your sign is, you will typically tell them your sun sign. And that is your sign! It is derived simply from the date of your birth. However, it’s not the full story of your astrological natal chart. There are many further aspects of your personal chart and one of them is your rising sign, or ascendant sign.

Your rising sign is intricately linked to how you exist in the world and interact with other people. In many ways, it’s like it represents your storefront—the you that you let other people see. If you’re like most people, it’s often concern over navigating relationships and interactions with other people that push us to turn to our horoscopes for insights and guidance. That means your rising sign is a very important component of any daily horoscope reading.

So how do you find out your rising sign? Well, you’ll need to know some more detailed information about your birth including the exact time, date, and location. Even small changes in those matters can affect your rising sign. While there are certainly many good and comprehensive calculators online that can give you an idea of your rising sign so long as you know that information, they are not a good substitute for seeing a knowledgable astrologist to have your full natal chart done.

A professional astrologist will be able to explain your chart to you, and help you understand the ways that your sun, moon, and rising signs converge to form the unique being that is you! They can also answer your questions and help guide you to understand better the sorts of issues you may face going forward with a good detailed reading.

For most people who wake up and read their horoscope, there’s no doubt they’ll look at their sun sign for their reading. That may not be the best bet to help guide them through their day, however! Many astrologers feel that it’s the horoscope for your rising sign that will be the most helpful as you navigate the questions and uncertainties you face. That can be a difficult transition! And it doesn’t mean that your horoscope has been wrong all these years either.

Most astrologists say you should read the horoscopes for your sun, moon, and rising signs every day. You are a complex and complicated creature with many facets and it’s important to take all of them into consideration when you’re seeking help and guidance as you embark into the world each morning. However, if there’s a daily horoscope you should give more attention to, it’s definitely your rising sign.

Try reading your guiding sign horoscope tomorrow and see if you feel better prepared to face your day!