Does Your Career Match Your Zodiac Sign?


Every person is an individual, so there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to careers and Zodiac signs. Still, there are some career paths that certain signs are more likely to be drawn to. If you’re searching for the right place to path to choose for your next career, or if you’re interested in furthering your education, consider these jobs for your sign.

Aries – Law Enforcement

You like to create order from chaos, and you’re always up for a challenge. Consider a career in law enforcement so you can channel all your energy into something you feel has meaning and is worthwhile. If this appeals to you, there are many online degrees in criminal justice available.

Leo – Architecture

You need a creative output, and you often have a vision. You know how things should be and you have a clear idea of how to make them happen. You’re the big concept person. Think about a career in architecture.

Sagittarius – Supply Chain Management

You like work with variation and excitement. You’ll be able to work with people in different environments and probably travel as well. This career is perfect for your interest in risk and reward!

Taurus – Finance

You want to work in a field that’s stable and makes sense, and we all know you enjoy the finer things in life. A career in finance may be just up your alley. It will provide the stability you need and the income you’d like.

Virgo – Social Work

Your altruism makes you a natural for the public or non-profit sectors. As a social worker, you will be able to solve problems and really help people. You’ll find social work programs at most colleges and universities with online degree options.

Capricorn – Programmer

You know how to stay focused on a task and solve problems. A career in programming may be just what the doctor ordered for you, Capricorn. You’ll be able to use your fine attention to detail to create new and exciting apps, and your pay will be good to help you feel the security you crave.

Gemini – Teacher

You know how to juggle a few different responsibilities, and you like a challenging career. Pair that with your ability to be caring and gentle, and teaching may be the perfect career choice for you, Gemini. There are lots of teaching programs available online from a wide variety of colleges and universities, so if you decide to switch careers, you’ll find lots of options available.

Libra – Lawyer

Yes, Libra, justice is very on-brand for you, as is a quest for truth. You’re a natural officer of the court.

Aquarius – Counselor

You are most fulfilled when you are helping others. While there are many career paths you can take, but with your skills in connection and being a great listener, you may find that you naturally gravitate toward mental health. If you haven’t considered it before, counseling is an easy field to transition to with lots of online degree programs available.

Cancer – Nurse

You’re a great helper and you know how to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. You know how to focus on the important things and that’s incredibly important for anyone in the healthcare field. You should consider a career in nursing.

Scorpio – Biologist

Biology is a great career path for you, Scorpio, because it allows you to make sense of the world around you and learn universal truths, while also making the world a better place.

Pisces – Graphic Design

We know you have an aesthetic, and we know you need to express it. Graphic design may be the perfect field for you. You can have a creative outlet and bring in enough money to live on without having to think about it too much.