Here’s How College Saves You Insane Amounts of Cash


Let’s talk about school: it’s expensive. Okay, kind of a Captain Obvious statement, right? But hear us out; there are books, housing, clubs, events, equipment…and that’s not even counting money to survive, pay your rent, and stay fed. Most of us have to work and scrimp and save for every cent, let alone easily forking over this kind of cash. But here’s something you might not know: you can get paid just for going to school if you know how to make it work. Don’t raise that eyebrow just yet; keep reading!

Quick Read:
Can you really get paid to go to school, saving money instead of spending just for attending college? Yes, you can, and we can teach you how. In this guide, you’ll learn how to make the most of options like scholarships, freelancing, free resources, application dates, and online programs to bring in more money than you know what to do with. Stress no more; find your path forward further down in the article!

Save More Than You Spend in College With These Strategies.


If you’ve got the time to look, there’s a scholarship out there for everything and everyone. Even you. Scholarships exist for students with good grades, those who volunteer, people with certain hobbies, first-generation college students, minorities, the disabled, foster children, and much, much more. Take the time to really go hunt for every scholarship you can. Apply to all of them, even if you aren’t sure if your qualifications are an exact match. You could find yourself with a few hundred dollars toward tuition or even complete coverage until you graduate.

Make Money on Your Time

Studying, class, having a life – they’re difficult to balance, even in the best of times. If you’re hard-pressed for cash, that issue becomes even more of a problem. It’s hard to fit in a job while cramming in study time!

Here’s the good news: in the era of the internet, countless possibilities exist that will let you make money in your spare time (even if that’s 15 minutes). Try survey sites, focus groups, online nannying or pet sitting websites and apps. Go to class, head out to that fun concert on Friday, then make money on Saturday sitting in your pajamas.

Watch Application Dates

College is often rife with random fees – fees that creep up on you and shout, ‘boo” when you least expect it. If you’re dreading these fees, know that applications are one of the most common places to find them. Especially if you submit late. Get started on your college search early and make sure you know when it’s cheapest to apply. The later you apply, the more likely you are to have to pay costly application fees.

Don’t Buy New Textbooks

Can’t stand the thought of buying textbooks? There are a million websites and apps these days that can help you find used or digital versions instead, which are much cheaper at the end of the day. It’s also worth checking with other students who are studying with you, or or who have graduated in the last year. Be sure to check your campus quad, too; often, people list books for sale on bulletin boards.

Free Resources

Free resources vary depending on where you go to college and which programs you participate in. That said, they’re readily available in most towns, schools, and colleges, and you should take advantage of them. Look for options like free furniture on local classifieds, low-cost childcare from early childhood education students, free tutoring, essay editing, study groups, and even free healthcare clinics to reduce costs.

Getting an education doesn’t have to cost you more than you save; you just need to know how to be savvy about what you spend. Budget everything, no matter how minor it seems, and make the most of available resources. Remember: many of these grants, scholarships, and freebies exist to help students graduate more easily. Take the help!