Is it Time to have Your Natal Chart Done?


Everyone who begins to take their astrological forecast seriously has an origin story. For some it’s as simple as getting in the habit of reading their daily horoscope when they were kids. For others, a big life event drives them to seek guidance and help from astrology. And for others, it’s a deep pursuit of identity and inner knowledge that drives them to learn more about their astrological placement.

Whichever category you fall into, if you’ve continued to pay attention to your horoscope and you’ve started to notice what someone’s sign can tell you about who they are and how you might interact with them. You’ve probably also wanted to know, well, more! More about your own sign and more about what it means for your approach to life, love, work, and a whole host of other meaningful questions.

So when is a good time to have your natal chart done? The answer is, as soon as you want it! In some cultures, natal charts are done when people are young children. The minute you feel like you’re ready for a deeper explanation of your sign, consider it time to get it done.

It’s always a good idea to go to an expert astrologist to get your natal chart done. While many online sites can help you do them, often it’s in interpreting the results of a natal chart that people can become confused, or even dismayed. If you go to an expert they will help you understand your results and what they mean for your life.

When you learn more about what your sun, moon, and house alignments are, you’ll learn more about yourself. With the additional details offered by planet positions and aspects, you’ll find lots of little gems about yourself. This is why it’s important to have an expert explain the intricacies of of your rising placements.

Of course, there are many books, websites, and youtube channels devoted to better undertanding your natal chart and they are well worth checking out. Part of delving into astrology is taking on a lifetime commitment to learning and exploring — that’s the whole point of getting into the zodiac to begin with! You want to know more!

In order to get your natal chart reading, you will need some specific information. If you’re adopted or family records have been lost, or for some other reason you’re not able to find all the information you need, don’t panic! An expert can still give you a very good reading. They will know how to work toward those specifics that you don’t have in hand.

So what do you need for a thorough natal chart reading? The specifics of your birthdate, like day, month, and year. The precise time of your birth is also invaluable, even down to the minute or second. You’ll also need to know where you were born, as close to the precise geographic location as possible. And that’s it, you’re all set for your natal chart reading. Prepare for a whole new level of depth when you sit down to read your daily horoscope!