Make Money Vlogging Your Everyday Life

Get Paid to Make Money Vlogging Your Everyday Life

Looking to become a hit on YouTube? Maybe you just want to make a little extra spending cash. You might feel like your life is too mundane to share with the world, but you never know what will spark the next big vlogging sensation. With the right approach, you could turn your everyday life into extra bank.

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Regardless of how mundane your life might seem, there could be an audience ready to watch a piece of it. Start off by learning from others and making goals, consider what makes you uniquely you and let your vlog be an extension of that, and then be consistent in the content you create. Here’s how to create your own zero-to-60 plan and get started.

Here’s How to Make Money Vlogging Your Everyday Life.

Make Goals

Many vloggers agree creating content for YouTube is your best chance at earning on video uploads. The problem? You need around 1000 subscribers before you can start making any advertising revenue. Ask other vloggers in your niche what helped them to draw subscribers, how often they put out new content to keep their viewers engaged, and how to network with content supporters. Learn from others, be aware of the setbacks, and then set your goals accordingly.

Be Uniquely You

Your content is your brand, but so are you. Think about what draws you to a vlog, but use that as inspiration, not a guideline. Your personality should direct the types of videos you create, so let your content be an extension of you. What can you offer viewers that’s different from the content of similar vloggers? What about your character might people connect with? Do you have a special interest or hobby others might find engaging? Use it to make your way in the online world.

Keep to It

Once you’ve set the feel and pace for your videos, keep to what works. Your viewers are going to expect content that’s consistent and genuine to your brand. Stay true to your original vision, but also remain diligent about moving forward. Make your vlog a journey your viewers can follow and grow alongside with you. Give them a reliable pal they can count on, and they’re more apt to come back for more.

Be Realistic

Yes, a handful of vloggers have become overnight millionaires, but they are among a rare few. According to Fortune, the top three percent of vloggers average only about $16,800 in yearly ad revenues. If you want to make more than that, you’ll need to think outside the advertising box. Many of the top vloggers make their money through product sponsorship, which requires networking with company representatives. Some have hired managers to promote their careers. All have had to find ways to rise above the competition.

Why can’t one of those people be you? If you have something special to share with the world, now is the best time to get on board with the online freelancing world. Why not pad your wallet in the process? Millions of viewers are waiting for someone new to follow, so maybe it’s time to show them what you’ve got.