Tell Us What You Had for Breakfast and We’ll Tell You Which Game of Thrones Character You Are.


Just like your parents always told you, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And just like your parents always told you, Game of Thrones is the most important show on television. So let’s combine these very important things and see which Game of Thrones character you are based on what you had for breakfast.

Omelette – Tyrion Lannister

People look at you and think you’re one thing on the outside, but you’ve got a lot of interesting stuff hidden beneath the surface. You’re clever, you’ve always got a plan, and you’re a lot nicer person than people give you credit for. Also, you like good food, and breakfast just isn’t the same unless there’s cheese involved. You’re probably Tyrion Lannister, you like to drink, know things, work with interesting people, and have a delicious breakfast you can add a lot of variation to.

Oatmeal – Jon Snow

You’re a no-nonsense busy guy who just doesn’t have time to think about breakfast. Also your girlfriends keep dying and you since that’s usually your fault, you’re down in the dumps and really haven’t got the energy to go grocery shopping every week. Oatmeal works–it’s hot for those freezing cold mornings, it’s dependable, reliable, and you can buy it in bulk.

Croissant – Jaime Lannister

You’re complicated and you’ve got a lot of layers, but when it comes down to it, you’re actually just a really rich and tasty pastry. And maybe you’ve got a lot of girl problems, but what man who has three or four kids with his sister doesn’t? Everyday is a new adventure for you, so sometimes you want butter on your croissant, because you want to savor it like that solid, smooth, reliable lady knight you can’t get off your mind. And sometimes you just want to slather that thing in raspberry jam and make a mess because you’re a little too close to your toxic sister.

Waffles – Arya Stark

You need that stick to your ribs kind of carb explosion for breakfast, because you never know where your day is going to take you. You also like something with a lot of crevices, and facets and angles, because you never know what face you’re going to be wearing that day. Bonus points if you reach for some of that blacksmith approved maple syrup to top things off.

Mimosa – Cersei Lannister

Your kids keep dying, your relationship with your brother is “complicated,” and you might have married a pirate king for reasons no one can really understand. If you know who you know who you are, you know what you like, and you belong to the liquid lunch crowd, you’re probably Queen Cersei, long may she reign.

Avocado Toast – Sansa Stark

If you’re 80% nutrition, 20% aesthetic and you’ve got to keep track of all your brothers and sisters and also run a whole kingdom while fighting a war or two, you’re probably Sansa Stark.

Eggs Benedict – Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish

Sure you’re devious, you keep betraying people, and you’re creepy but you’re also into rich and delicious things. Even villains have to eat breakfast, so why not pick one doused in sinful hollandaise?

Smoothie – Brienne of Tarth

You’re a working woman on the go. Food is really just fuel to you, and you need really balanced diet to get you through your workout, your quests to save maidens, your bodyguard job stress, that redheaded coworker who keeps texting you no matter how much you ignore him and your “will they/won’t they/they did/wtf just happened” relationship problems with the handsome hunk you can’t stay away from. A smoothie is all you’ve got time for.

Steak & Eggs – Daenerys Targaryen

Look, a mother of dragons needs something with a little char on it. You’ve got a lot going on, your kids like to burn things, you like burning things too, and your relationship is a little rocky–you’ve also kind of been doing the paleo thing. Sometimes you just want a nice indulgent breakfast loaded with protein and good fats to keep you going when the whole world is out to get you.