Tell Us Your Favorite Sitcom Sidekick and We’ll Guess Your Major


Some of the most memorable television characters over the years have been sidekicks. After all, every Batman needs a Robin and every Lucy needs an Ethel. Because they often begin as caricatures, sidekicks often have very strong personalities and identities—and sometimes very singular costumes. But sitcom characters can be polarizing! Not everyone sees the beauty in a George Costanza or a Screech Powers.

So it’s no surprise that your favorite sitcom sidekick can really say a lot about you! We’ve got a list of classic sitcom sidekicks. Find your favorite and we’ll guess what your college major was (or what your major will be if you’re thinking about enrolling in college online and looking for hints!).

Favorite Sidekick: Niles Crane – Frasier
Major: Sociology

Sure, sure, sure you think we’re going to guess that you’re a psychology major because that’s what Niles was. But you’re wrong! While Niles himself may have liked to dole out analysis to his patients, we think his fans are more likely to be sociology majors. Why? We suspect that those who appreciate a character like Niles actually want to know what sort of societal systems would produce him!

Favorite Sidekick: Kimmy Gibbler – Full House
Major: Education

We know, not everyone is a Kimmy Gibbler fan, but we know there are people who really appreciate Kimmy’s zany off-the-wall antics. If you’ve got the patience for some of Kimmy’s annoying moments and can see the loyal, good kid underneath some of her outlandish phrases, we think you’re someone who would make a great teacher. So, yes, you’re an education major.

Favorite Sidekick: Dwight Schrute – The Office
Major: Biology

Most people have enjoyed a good laugh or two with (ok, maybe at) Dwight Schrute. But for those who truly appreciate the frighteningly practical and ruthlessly honest Dwight, we suspect there’s a scientist inside you. Biologists study how biological life forms function, and we’re pretty sure an organism like Dwight would be just the kind of character who would catch their imaginations!

Favorite Sidekick: Steve Urkel – Family Matters
Major: Computer Science/Programming

Did we do that? Ok, this one might be a little on the nose, but we assume anyone who likes the abstractly nerdy absurdities of Steve Urkel is probably someone who wants to work with more concrete boolean norms in their real life.

Favorite Sidekick: Niles – The Nanny
Major: Hospitality

Hear us out—anyone who appreciates the long-suffering, sharp wit of Niles of the single name (like Cher!) probably works in the hospitality industry. There’s a certain sense of humor that’s necessary to work with and cater to the needs of the demanding public, and no one’s going to appreciate a character like Niles who delivers that in spades more than someone who majored in hospitality!

Favorite Sidekick: Tahani Al Jamil – The Good Place
Major: Psychology

It’s not every day in tv land that you come across a sidekick like Tahani Al Jamil. She’s conceited and clueless and yet somehow completely charming and hilarious at the same time. How does she work? How does she function? Why do people love her so much? We know who would want to know: psychology majors!