These 3 Majors are Perfect for Water Signs


One of the first things people who begin an online degree program must do is choose a major. Choosing a major is a big decision for any of the elemental signs, but water you particularly may find yourself seeking help selecting the right direction for your journey. Whether you’re a Scorpio, Pisces, or Cancer, you will be inclined to trust your intuition more than anything else. Still, a water sign is bound to put a lot of thought into which career path to choose, considering how different decisions may affect them much later on. Yes, we know selecting a career field, and thus a major, can be agonizing for you. It’s not just the work involved, it’s the environments your choice will lead to, it’s the kind of interactions you’ll have once you attain your goal.

Selecting a major is a very serious decision for anyone, so if you’re a water sign who’s still in decision mode, we’ve got a list of majors that might work for you.


While your choice of nursing specialty may be more influenced by your specific Zodiac sign (Yes, Scorpio, we know you may be more inclined to choose nurse anesthetist as a specialty than pediatrics), all water signs make good nurses. Your empathy and ability to intuit the emotional landscape will give you an edge in this field, while your feelings of confidence in your online degree training and abilities will empower you to fight hard for the needs of your patients. As you begin your degree program, you’ll listen carefully to how others describe their experiences with certain specialties and that will help guide you to the perfect place for you and your particular skillset.


You may not have felt confident about your ability to shape the lives of others, but with the right degree and credentials, your level of confidence will soar. By helping to shape the paths of other younger people, you will be able to use the vast sympathetic reserves that make you who you are to help others. The roll of teacher can be a very fulfilling one for you, particularly if you are a Cancer. Be sure to remain open to learning which ages of children you would be most effective teaching, and trust your gut instincts about any teaching specialties that may be best for you. Pisces, we know you might gravitate toward becoming an art or music teacher! By remaining open to the opportunities a degree in education can offer you, you may be able to find your path as a teacher.

Graphic Design

It’s no surprise that water signs often thrive in creative environments. While a Scorpio may initially feel an artistic field is too broad for them, the specific parameters required of graphic designers in a corporate environment will probably give the work the boundaries you crave. For Pisces, graphic design is a natural fit, giving you both a creative outlet and a career path in a growth field that can offer the stability of steady paychecks. All of the water signs can find an aspect of graphic design is conducive to helping them flourish not only in their online degree program, but in their future career.