Wild Ways Getting an Education Can Change Your Life


Putting off school because you aren’t sure how to pay for it? Trying to grind it out at a regular 9 to 5 instead, hoping for that rare promotion? You’re doing yourself a massive disservice. Graduating carries many intense benefits, all the way from making a ton of money to simply being able to retire with less stress. Curious? We’re pleased to tell you more; just keep reading.

Quick Read:
Graduate and you’ll make thousands of dollars more than the average worker who only has a high school diploma. That’s reason enough to seek out schooling, but it isn’t even close to where the benefits stop. You’ll also enjoy lower unemployment rates, better benefits, a happier and healthier life, and a whole host of compelling perks others just don’t have. Here’s what you’re missing out on!

More Money? Better Health? Who Can Resist Benefits Like These?

More Money

It might seem obvious, but college graduates make more money on average than people without a college degree. But we’re not talking about a few thousand, or even a few hundred thousand; graduates make around $1 million more over their lives when compared to people with a high school diploma alone. Depending on your college major, that number can climb to $3.4 million more.

Lower Unemployment

Despite the fickle, fraught job market in the United States, college graduates enjoy an unemployment over 50 percent lower than high school graduates. There is a good reason for this shift; even simple jobs, like fast food and retail, are starting to ask for degrees to prove ability. Graduating from college makes you much more marketable to employers.

Unexpected Benefits

Jobs that require a degree often include health, dental, vision, or life insurance benefits along with a higher salary. These benefits may also include 401k matching, maternity and paternity leave, short-term disability, or even mental health counseling if the stress of your job becomes too much. These benefits give you a leg up, helping you prevent a crisis and create more opportunities.

Healthier and Happier Life

College graduates, both men and women, across all races and ethnicities, live longer, healthier lives than people who don’t finish high school. There’s a few reasons for this phenomenon. Not only does graduation promote health literacy and education, but it also leads you to jobs that are more likely to help workers attain health goals. There’s also the element of empowerment manifested from taking control of your health.

Stronger Communities

In a recent TED Talk, Psychologist Susan Pinker revealed that the secret to a long life isn’t exercise, healthy diet, or not smoking, although those factors do have a role to play in how long you live. The true secret is an abundance of close, personal relationships, and college graduation has been proven to foster civic engagement and participation in communities. Civic engagement also promotes education attainment, which in turn promotes itself back.

Don’t you want to be a stronger person, with more resources, more friends, and a better retirement to look forward to? That may be a bit rhetorical, but what isn’t is the fact that graduating with a degree is the best way to be all of these things. All you need to do is set your mind to it. Stick with it and a better future could be yours.